HDD DRILL MARPOL D40x70 ( 180 kN Pulling Force )

D40x70 Features and Benefits

Fits into tight spots with a footprint measuring just 200 x 600 cm. Improves productivity using conveniently located controls integrated into the control panel. Increases maintenance efficiency with a full-length hood that is easily removed for easy service. Superior Firestick drill stem constructed of Marpol-specified high carbon alloy steel features one-piece, forged rods that have been heat-treated for uniform strength and consistent quality. See Marpol website for comprehensive service and genuine Marpol replacement parts. This machines uses 3 m drill rods. Standard reamers up to 600 mm are available and larger diameter per request of the customer. MARPOL D40x70 comens very often a dedicated mud cleaning and recycling systems MARPOL SOP-800.

Wiertnica D40x70 to najnowsza wiertnica sterowana firmy MARPOL, która umożliwia wykonywanie przewiertów sterowanych na duże średnice i duże odległości i / lub przewiertów zespołem rur np. 16 x 110 mm w ramach projektów telekomunikacyjnych.

Max. siła ciągu 180 kN
Max. moment obrotowy 7000 Nm
Waga z  żerdziami około 8500 kg
Silnik Diesel o mocy 180 kM
Długość 5.8 m
Szerokość 2.0 m
Wysokość 2.2 m

Pompa bentonitowa tłokowa 240 l/min

Max. pulling force 180 kN
Max. torque 7000 Nm
Weight incl. 50 drill pipes 8500 kg
Diesel engine 180 HP
Length 5.8 m
Width 2.0 m
Height 2.2 m

Triplex Mud Pump 240 l/min



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  • MARPOL D40x70 Technical Specification
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